Ed & Beth Harvey

Ed & Beth Harvey
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Headwest 2009 Day 6

Chadron, Nebraska to Sturgis/Spearfish, South Dakota. What an amazing ride!!!! First it was coming up on a herd of buffalo which we stopped to admire for a while. We got some incredible pictures of the herd and a friendly park ranger stopped by and gave us some great info about the buffalo. We found out that the males are currently in rut and are a little rambunxious right now. We told Gary that after he got extraordinarily close to one of the bulls. I think he thought that Gary was cute. Hopefully he got some great pictures out of the deal.

Secondly it was Crazy Horse. It was very impressive. Until you see it, it's hard to appreciate the enormity of it. The story behind it and the man and his family that have been working on it is amazing. For someone to dedicate their entire adult life to a project like that is incredible. While we were there, a man approached Perry and said he was making a documentary movie about the motorcycle culture and he interviewed Perry. Then he took some group video of all of us with crazy horse in the background. It was very interesting and he said he should be completed with the project in about a year.

Next it was off to Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately after seeing Crazy Horse it was a bit of a disappointment. It was still good to see, but not quite as impressive. One thing that I have failed to mention so far is the number of bikes here. It is hard to imagine that this many motorcycles can be in one area.

After dinner a few of us went down to Sturgis to take it in. It was quite an adventure. That's all I can say.

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