Ed & Beth Harvey

Ed & Beth Harvey
The Namesake of Our Group

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dave's back!!

Since Dave missed our beautiful rides last weekend, he and Kim joined Perry and I today and did a nice little trip to Culpeper. Since his work took him out of town last weekend he didn't get to enjoy Griffin's Tavern and the breakfast run last weekend. I don't know what he's thinking letting work interfere with riding!!

For those of you that didn't hear I had a little mishap with my bike last weekend when we were riding. Apparently when you put a lot of stuff in one saddlebag and not the other, gravity will work against you and allow that saddlebag to slide down, even if it is onto your nice shiny expensive chrome exhaust!! It melted the saddlebag onto the exhaust and left a nice little clump of leather on the exhaust. If you ever run into this, simply take the exhaust completely off, run scolding hot water over the leather glob and gently scrape it away while the water is running over it. This is not found in any Harley manual that I could find, but it worked quite well. Apply vigorous strokes with chrome polish and voila, good as new.

Hope this new post finds you all well and hopefully once the weather breaks for good we can all get together and ride!